Sales Vendors

List of sales vendors and descriptions for the NECPS Annual Show and Sales, 2023

Black Jungle Exotics:

For over a decade, Black Jungle has participated with and supported the NECPS in sharing our love for carnivorous plants with the public. We have also taken part in fundraising efforts, promotion and education about the society and carnivorous plants. We offer a variety of carnivorous plants for sale including Venus Flytraps, North American Pitcher Plants, Tropical Pitcher Plants, Sundews, Butterworts, companion plants and supplies.


Inspiring wonder through amazing plants! We specialize in growing carnivorous plants, rare aroids, tropicals and other botanical wonders!

Darwin's Atelier:

Darwin’s Atelier is a Boston based nursery specialized in selling carnivorous plants and carnivorous plant art products. We offer broad range of carnivorous plants from all over the world. Especially rarer species can be found in our shop! Most plants for sale will have special show discounts! Please stop by at our booth and have a look!

Seacoast Sarracenia:

Seacoast Sarracenia offers quality carnivorous plants for the hobbyist and serious collector.  

Mike Stiffler

Selling divisions of my personal collection: North American and Asian pitcher plants, sundews

Gabe's Carnivorous

New England Grown Carnivorous Plants.